Thursday, June 5, 2014

Scrubs Review: Banana Scrubs (made in america!)

Readers, I'm excited to share Banana Scrubs with you today!
You're probably thinking, "Huh. I haven't heard of them before." 
I hadn't either, until I Googled "scrubs made in the usa." 
There's a reason you don't see Banana Scrubs brand in your local uniform shop. They don't sell wholesale. More on that later. 

[I'm wearing their Lauren top (XS) and Natalie pant (XS) in spearmint]

Let me tell you about the scrubs in a way we all know and understand. Since we nurses LOVE the 0-10 scale, I'm going to start implementing it into my review posts. I'll rate products on a 0-10 scale using the following criteria: quality, fit/comfort, price, and the company.

Quality: 9/10
I have to tell you, when these came out of the box, they smelled incredible! Some kind of fruity/sweet smell...I don't know what they're doing to them down in Texas, but I hope they never stop! (I even had husband smell them, they were that awesome). As you would expect, the scent goes away after washing them, but these scrubs are made well with excellent material and I can tell they're going to hold up for a long time. Plus, they have these charming little banana tags. :)
Fit/Comfort: 7/10
Pros: Nice, long top. Tons of pockets.
Cons: boxy top, not very form fitting. The top is an XS (the size I usually get) and it still felt quite large (mostly in the sleeve area). They DO offer a XXS top which I'll consider next time. If you decide to buy some, look at their size chart and take notice of the comment that their scrubs are generously cut. Then order accordingly. :)
Also, Banana Scrubs was kind enough to hem these pants a couple inches for me. I'm 5'6'' and while they do make tall pants, they don't have any short versions. 31'' inseam is pretty standard so if you're short like me, a little modification might need to happen.
Scrubs are comfortable. Period. But there are some things that make some more comfortable than others. Like when your drawstring pants don't get loose during the day, making you pull them up every ten minutes.
Good news.
These pants seem to hold well. :)
Price: 10/10
The tops and bottoms are priced anywhere from $17.50-$24.50 which is totally comparable to scrubs you'd get at any shop. What shocked me is that these scrubs are made in America and they're still able to keep it affordable! They don't sell to uniform stores, no wholesale whatsoever. By eliminating the middle man, customers buy directly from the manufacturer and save on any retail mark-up The only way to get their products is by visiting their brand store down in Texas or from their online store and that is just fine with me! So, for the price and knowing they're made in the states, I'm sold.

The Company: 10/10
I absolutely love that these scrubs are made in the USA!Made in America  The fabric, the thread, the labor... everything is American. Banana Scrubs is based in Waco, Texas and has been making scrubs since 1994. There aren't a lot of companies out there that still make them in the states, I've looked! They also have a 6-month limited warranty! If their product fails, they'll repair it or replace it free of charge, which is something I've never heard from a scrubs company until now.
Banana Scrubs was incredibly easy to work with when it came to returns or modifications. I had to return the pants for a different size AND they even offered to hem them a couple inches for my short, stubby legs. I'm very happy with the results!
Total Average Score: 9/10
I like these scrubs and I love this company! If you're in the market to purchase uniforms for work, I'd recommend checking them out and supporting an american-based business. 


seashmore said...

That's awesome that they hemmed them for you!

Tara Boll said...

What about material? How do the compare to grey's?

Junior said...

aWESOME BLOG! I just started nursing school! Im bloggin about it as well. was wondering if you could check it out

Drew Rinella said...

Dear Anna,

Your posting volume has waned lately, leading me to believe that you are having way too much fun in the sun and have forgotten about us internet people. We are concerned about you. Come back to us.


Kerry Bishe said...

I discovered your blog site on google and check a few of your early posts about Clearance Scrubs Los Angeles.


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