Friday, May 9, 2014

Nurses Week Day 4: Name Badge Giveaway!

I usually love being a nurse.
But yesterday was awful.

I had a patient extubate himself (in other words, pulled out the tube that was ventilating this lungs) while the respiratory therapist and I tried (futilely) to hold him down and keep him from grabbing it. This was WITH restraints on AND maxed out on his sedation medicine.
Some people just have skills.

We were able to get him stabilized with BiPAP and calmed down with extra medication but then I got the order to place an NG tube (a feeding tube that goes through the nose and down to the stomach). This time we were prepared with 4 pairs of hands, an anesthesiologist, and some gooooooood drugs.

The rest of the day I felt like I was waiting for a ticking time bomb to go off and any sudden movements or noises made me jump.

Happy Nurses Week to me.

But then I got home and vented to Mo and he made me a grilled cheese and all was right in the world. #lifeofanurse
May 9

For day 4 of Nurses Week, I've got FOUR name badge holders to give away!
BadgeBlooms is this adorable etsy shop that I discovered last year. I'm such a sucker for anatomically correct hearts and fell in love with Melissa's Haley Heart badge holder. I've been wearing mine for a few months now and I've loved it. It's the reel/retractable kind so it's perfect to swipe my badge to get into the OR or use my keys to get into the medication bin. :) Patients and co-workers often comment on it's cuteness.
** BadgeBlooms has a promo code for Nurses Week! For 20% off the entire store, use the coupon code: FACEBOOK20.**
Enter to win one of the four badges!

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Theresa Ashby said...

Lol!! Hearts are awesome...but the teal RN blossom bling catches my eye as well!! Hope u have a better day on your next shift!

Jill said...

LOVE the heart ones. I'm a cardiac nurse wannabe (still working on getting that job... hoping to hear back very soon!)

Sarah said...

Those heart badge holders are pretty cute!

Valerie Suarez said...

Sorry to hear about the tough day, but you just keep on pushing through! The heart ones are real cute but the foxy nurse and the girly get well monkey are adorable hard to pick between the two. :D

Greg and Karianne said...

Oh I love this! It would be perfect for my peds cardio floor!

MayaJoy Thodé said...

I LOVE the heart one. I have been eyeing that one for a while... Very close to my heart, pun intended #heartpatientprobs

sweinsy said...

I would be just fine with this one

Breanna Friedrich said...

Pt self-extubating? That definitely sounds like a (horribly) eventful day. My Thursday wasn't nearly as exciting. Although I did nail my first antecubital IV.
I've been eyeing this very badge since you posted a picture. And I just had to use the promo code to buy the Goldenrod Flower badge. You can never have too many, right?

Brandi said...

They have so many cute one! I like the band-aid one with the heart :). Pt extubating - that sucks! Hope your days have went better!

Lisa Dore said...

Super cute! Love them! Hope your week has improved :)

Josh Mansolillo said...

Love them all!

Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

Gotta have the retractable badge holder! I cannot stand to have my badge on a lanyard! I love the hearts!


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