Saturday, February 15, 2014

We're playing "Name that Rhythm" again! also, this is my 400th post!

Valentines Day happened!

I worked. Mo worked. We came home, ate golden grahams, exchanged chocolate, and went to bed.

But we don't feel bad because we have plans for Portland soon! We figured we'd save our money for the trip and do something there. :) Can't wait!
Remember last February?

I've got more rhythms for ya!

I know I have nurses out there who read this blog, I want YOU to name as many of these as you can and leave your answers in the comments!
There WILL be prizes for whoever gets to most correct.
I hope that's not TOO easy for you. ;)

Again, leave your answers in the comments!


Ross and Ladonna said...

We just want to be the 1st to Congratulate you on your 400th post! "Awesome - Well Done!" As far as the Rhythms go, "You've got it, so who can ask for anything more"!

Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

Okay working in geri I am sure to embarrass myself here, but here it goes:

First off aren't six and eight the same one?! Guess I will guess twice since I don't know on that one :-)

one: sinus rhythm?
two: sinus brady?
three: ??
five: a flutter?
six: ventricular rhythm?
seven: PVT???
eight: bundle branch block?
nine: v-fib

Ugh I am so bad... I need to go back to school!

Alyx said...

Well, I can't tell you a single rhythm, but I CAN tell you that those cookies look delicious and I want to eat them ALL.

Drew Rinella said...

Does the winner get to eat all the cookies????????

1) Sinus
2) Sinus with ST elevation
3) Paced with 100% capture
4) Paced... not capturing for some reason... probably because it's a cookie
5) A-fib
6) Stumped. Appears accelerated junctional, but no T wave. Could be accelerated idioventricular rhythm originating high on the bundle of his
7) Sinus to v-tach
8) Same as 6
9) V-fib

Stormy said...

1. NSR
2. ST elevation
3. Paced
4. Paced-not capturing
5. A-fib
6. Accelerated junctinal of some sort??
7. Sinus converting to V-tach
8. Isnt this one the same as 6?
9. V-fib

I'll be pleased if I got even a few of these right! We're spoiled at work (on my floor at least) and have techs that read all our strips. I haven't read my own since my last ACLS class! Haha.

Breanna said...

I am so horrible at reading strips so I'm not even going to embarrass myself! ha!

But I do know #1 is normal sinus and the last one is V-fib! :)

Jill said...

Not really looking to win something... as I already have in the past from your blog(love the Danskos!!) However, I'm on a cardiac floor this term (for nursing school), and I just *had* to try... ;)

1 - normal sinus beat (I'd say rhythm, if there were more than one and I could see how much space was in between)

2 - ST elevation
3 - atrially-paced beats
4 - pacemaker didn't capture? otherwise it's an atrially paced beat
5 - a flutter
6 - SVT?
7 - v tach
8 - same as #6 photo, right?
9 - v fib


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