Thursday, February 2, 2012

Nursing Tuesday (a bit late): 5 gifts for a nurse on Valentine's Day.

I was dressed, my hair was done, and I was starting on my makeup when the phone rang at 6:10am.
I love being on-call. 

I wanted to get a nursing-related post in this week! 
Also, it's February and the internet is exploding with pink and red. 
Here's my Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Nurse's Edition.

I've had my eye on these for weeks!
Images from here, here, and here
Nurses are nerds. We love this kind of stuff.

Because who wouldn't want a 1 pound anatomically correct chocolate heart?
 Images from here and here.

Valentine Cards. 
image here.
You can buy one or make one, but please, it's Valentine's Day. Write a love note.
It wouldn't hurt to talk about how good I look in scrubs or how fortunate you are to be with someone who can save your life. Just saying. 

Sugar cookies!
Nursing theme preferred, but cookies in general make excellent gifts. 
Images from here and here


  (Above: Dansko shoes. Dansko has no idea who I am. I'm just a big fan).

Hey, wait a minute. What do shoes have to do with Valentine's Day?
If you want your honey coming home from work their legs still functioning at the end of the day, a good pair of work shoes is so important. And I GUARANTEE they will think of you every time they wear these shoes. Which is a lot.

image here.


Unknown said...

I love it the Jewelry is my favorite. just because Chocolate that is molded into cool shapes does not taste as good.

Ruby Girl said...

cute. only a nurse would wear a heart necklace! hahah i shouldn't say that. i'm sure many other people would too. but only someone in the medical field could truly appreciate the anatomy factor :) and yah it IS amazing how much of a difference a pair of shoes can make on your day! <3 Lindsey of Ruby Girl {{}}

Leeann said...

The cookies are fantastic! I want to try to make some but mine will probably all have murmurs or something. My hand is not very steady with icing. It's a good thing I'm not a nurse because it probably wouldn't be very steady with a needle either.

Rachel said...

Ok. The anatomically correct chocolate heart is just weird. Obviously I'm not a nurse because the jewelry is kind of weird too. I do however LOVE the shoes! I have yet to buy my first pair of Dansko but I've been lusting over them for years. ;-)

Renee said...

Word. I love danskos!

jelly andrews said...

I love those jewelries. Those are really cool. And I am pretty sure a nurse would surely love to wear them.


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